Rubrics are an effective assessment tool in evaluating student performance. When students are involved in the assessment process, they are empowered and their learning becomes more focused and self-directed.
Rubric creators and generators - see Rubistar or Teach-nology or Rubric Machine

Rubrics for Assessment (University of Wisconsin)

How to design Rubrics(AfL - Curric Corp Vic)

See Kathy Schrock's assessment and rubric resources and Teach-nology rubric generators.
Other sources of rubrics are at and Midlink magazine and Sue Lebeau's resources for assessment and rubrics.
Rubrics Basics (doc) DECS SA
Rubrics and beyond (doc) ICTEV

Rubrics: additional resources:
Rubric Machine
(Thinking Gear) tool for constructing rubrics. ThinkingGear is a supportive environment for educators who are interested in infusing tools and techniques for critical thinking, deeper understanding, and authentic learning and assessment into their classroom practices.

Rubrics for web lessons (Nancy Pickett and Bernie Dodge);
Creating a rubric for a given task;
Explore the Authentic Assessment Toolbox for useful resources and a How do you do it?

Rubrics for Blogs

Midlink Rubrics resources Evaluating Internet Research and Multimedia Projects: How to hit a moving target! (includes a range of useful resources and tips (rubric construction kit) Midlink Rubrics and Evaluation Resources.
Book report rubric example.
Constructing effective rubrics (ppt slides);
Rubrics as an assessment tool VicED

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