Being SMART….our kids and technology

Our children are totally immersed in technology; it is a part of their lives and being but are they technologically savvy? As parents and caregivers we have a role to help our children be aware of the ‘dark side’, yet reap the benefits of the communication tools of the 21st Century.

S is for Safety and security online
M is for Manners, bullying and ethics
A is for Authentic learning and creativity
R is for Research and information fluency
T is for Twenty-first century challenges

I've borrowed the SMART acronym from the CyberSMART curriculum from the US....which is one of the many programs and resources I use.

Useful Links
Internet safety for children and teens:

Hector's World (NZ)
Netty's World (Aust)
Cyberquoll (Aust)
Cybersmart Detectives (Aust)
Information for Parents
NetAlert (Australian Commonwealth Government)

Net Alert
Digizen site
Tom Wood's Blog

Smartcopying site Using youTube
Creative Commons (Aust) Information for Schools and TAFE

Social Networking
Digizen site
Facebook privacy / reporting abuse
MySpace Safety Tips
MySpace Safety
Guide for parents (PDF)

Last updated: 5th April 2009