Digging up diggers
Using web resources to uncover ANZAC Day / Remembrance Day
see also http://southozsue.wikispaces.com/ANZAC
So much of our Australian Military history is being unearthed on the web. This presentation[[#_ftn1|[1]]] will look at online resources such as databases, diaries, blogs and sites, including the new Mapping our ANZACs (National Archives of Australia) site.
Students now have access to primary source material; they can read the diggers own words, view photographs and artifacts, dabble in a bit of genealogy, or research old scholars or a name from the local war memorial.

EdNA theme page ANZACs and ANZAC Day
ANZAC Day Committee (Qld) Education pages
Links from NSW HSC online

Resources for Students and Teachers
Gallipoli and the ANZACs
Australians on the Western Front
Australia’s War 1939 - 1945

Units of work
The Learning Federation Cooee: A call to war-Australians in World War I
The Learning Federation Political Rhetoric and Propaganda in World War II
The Learning Federation Australia and International Conflict WW11
Parcel for a Gallipoli Soldier (NZ) webquest

Researching Diggers
Department of Veterans Affairs, WWI Research Guide (pdf) a useful flowchart to start with
Australian War Memorial Biographical databases
National Archives of Australia Mapping our ANZACs
AIF Project ADFA database
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Commonwealth War Graves Commission War Graves Photographic Project
Lost Leaders who died at ANZAC

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) has produced education materials for schools through the Saluting their Service Program. All schools receive a copy of these materials, ask your Resource Centre staff or download materials directly from the site.
Resource Kits
Australian Prisoners of War [2009]
[Boer War to Korean War]
M is for Mates- Animals in Wartime from Ajax to Zep [2009]
Australian Women in War [2008]
[South Africa – Present]
Their Spirit our History [2007]
[All conflicts and Peacekeeping]
Australia and the Vietnam War [2007]
[Vietnam War]
Australian’s on the Western Front [2006]
[World War 1]
Operation Click [2005]
[WW1, WW2, ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day]
Working the Web: Investigating Australia’s Wartime History [2004]
Time to Remember [2003]
[All conflicts and Peacekeeping]
Our Past-Our Future: Commemorating Remembrance Day [2003]
[Remembrance Day]
Australians at War [2002]
[All conflicts and Peacekeeping]
Defence of Australia [2002]
[World War 2]
From Gallipoli to Dili: The Spirit of ANZAC [2001]
[All conflicts and Peacekeeping]
We Remember [2001]
[All conflicts and Peacekeeping]

Your local war memorial
State Memorials eg Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne; National War Memorial, North Terrace, Adelaide
Army Museums: eg South Australian Army Museum - Keswick Barracks;
Memorial websites:
SA & NT War memorials

Last updated 28th March 2010

[[#_ftnref1|[1]]] ACEC 2010 Digital Diversity Conference, Melbourne Convention Centre, April