Get the Buzz on Bee-Bots - Bee-Bot Adventures
Education Queensland site
Bee-Bots Downunder
blog from Parramatta Diocesan schools includes many ideas and resources
Bee Bot Teaching Ideas PDF (St Michael’s Blacktown)
Bee-Bots at St. Michael's School
Bee-Bots at St. Michael's School POWERPOINT
Meet the Bee-Bots
Meet the Bee-Bots POWERPOINT
Bee-Bots see the world
Bee-Bots See the World lesson idea
What's the Buzz About Bee-Bots
Lesson with Bee-Bots teaching TIME
Bee-Bot Activities
Activity sheets for use with Bee-Bots. Busy Street and Shapes, Colour and Size Mats
Kent (UK) Bee-Bots Resources
Kent (UK) Bee-Bots Resources created by James Barrett
Bee-Bot jackets (shell covers) and cones for navigation.
Moving Bee-Bot Left and Right Worksheet - Resources - TES Connect
Recording activity following practical use of Bee-Bot, help children to secure understanding of left and right
SparkleBox 15cm x 15cm cardsfor Bee-Bots
Sparkle Box printable cards for Bee-Bot Grid.... variety of themes: literacy numeracy, stories, living things, weather and seasons ....
Bee-Bot - Activity Topics and Ideas
Quick Topics/Ideas for using Bee-Bots in the Classroom

There is now a BeeBot App for the iPad


Last updated 7th March 2012